A Voice for Choice, Inc. is educating and advocating primarily for informed choice and transparency on three key issues – Vaccines, Clean Water and Childbirth Education.  We are also working with other groups to #GetToxinsOut.

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Vaccines: Our goal is that every person and parent knows the risks and benefits of vaccines vs. those of the diseases they are supposedly prevent.  This includes:

  • Litigating SB277 to ensure children in California can exercise their fundamental right go to school without foregoing the fundamental right bodily autonomy and a parent’s rights to raise their children as they see fit.
  • Partnering with and sharing research with physicians who wish to use the most current research on the relationship between vaccines and a person’s predisposition to genetic disorders
  • Matching physicians with patients and parents who are looking for holistic treatment and who are open to alternate vaccine schedules and writing medical exemptions.
  • Assisting parents to navigate SB277’s school and SB792’s childcare requirements, especially when schools interpret the law inconsistently.
  • Research to determine the best messaging for educational and social media campaigns for different target groups.
  • Legislative member outreach to continue to educate on vaccine risks and the right to informed choice, not mandates, as well Corruption within the CDC.
  • Education and outreach to under-served, minority and ethnically diverse groups.
  • Outreach to physicians
  • Promotion of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, the documentary which reveals the Corruption within the CDC regarding the MMR vaccine research

Clean Water: Our goal is that everyone should be able to turn on the tap and feel comfortable drinking the water coming out of it, without any filtering.  Our goal is also to determine the levels of rainwater contamination throughout California and that the reasons for contamination are researched.  This includes:

  • Creating a municipal water and rainwater testing program, where volunteers mail in water samples to an independent lab for testing of heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Education and outreach on the dangers of fluoride in drinking water and the general move to unfluoridate drinking water worldwide.
  • Collaboration with Clean Water Silicon Valley to educate regarding the fluoridation of municipal water in San Jose and surrounding areas
  • Outreach to communities to demand water that is drinkable straight from the tap

Childbirth Education: Our goal is that every mother, especially the underprivileged, know their all options with regard to childbirth (including hospital/home birth, breast/formula feeding, diapering, vaccines, circumcision, etc.) during pregnancy and once their baby is born, so they can make fully informed decisions during this time.  This includes:

  • Partnering with and sponsoring childbirth educators, doulas and midwives who support A Voice for Choice’s mission to advocate for informed choice and transparency in what goes into people’s bodies.
  • Education and outreach to share options during and after pregnancy with regard to vaccines and other toxins that a baby may be exposed to.

Note: A Voice For Choice does not plan to ever take on issues associated with pro-life/choice.