Celebrate YOUR Mother and ALL Mother’s around the world who are special to you.
Make donations in each of their honor – committing to awakening the world, educating, advocating and giving Health Freedom Issues a Voice for Choice –
and we will send each a personalized Mother’s Day eCard from you on Sunday.
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Ongoing donors receive the following benefits:

  • Monthly Newsletter: stay up to date on recent research, upcoming actions you can take to fight for your rights effectively, so your voice can be heard, and learn how to navigate unfamiliar systems to advocate for your family.
  • Legal Defense: Help fund law suits to question laws that have struck down our health freedom choices, such as vaccine mandates and fluoridation, that may exclude your child from school or infringe on your personal or parental choice rights.
  • Find a doctor: get advice on how to find a doctor near you who will meet the needs of your family, and allow you to choose what goes into your and your children’s bodies.
  • Support the creation of a Vaccine Risk Screening Protocol: A Voice for Choice is working with a number of doctors to create a screening protocol that will assess the risk of vaccines based on genetic and allergic testing so that people can be screened before any vaccines are given.