Everyone Should Demand Safe, Independently Tested Vaccines.
No One Should Tolerate Corruption Within Government Agencies.

“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”
By Christina Hildebrand, Founder and President of A Voice for Choice, Inc.
March 31, 2016

A year ago, I started a non-profit – A Voice for Choice – because I could not stand idly by and watch our parental and medical rights be stripped in California.  Although there were unprecedented thousands that rallied at the Sacramento Capital, the pharmaceutical lobbying money won out.  Last year alone the pharmaceutical companies spent $238 MILLION dollars on lobbying US legislators to get the laws passed that they wanted, regardless of public opposition or concern.  I always knew there was money in politics, but last year I saw firsthand how that money really works and how there is complete disregard for all else when there is money involved.  According to a Gallup poll from earlier this year, 75% of Americans believe corruption is “widespread” in the U.S. government.

This brings me to today, and the reason I am writing to you.  In New York this past week, there was another show of how pharmaceutical money played its hand to get what they want, but this time it relates not to politics but to our media (also bought by pharma – just count the number of pharma ads the next show you watch!).  It has to do with the movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”, a documentary that reveals corruption at the CDC with regard to their vaccine program.  It was set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24, 2016.  Last week, the Tribeca Film Festival issued a statement explaining why they were showing the movie, as did Robert De Niro – a co-founder of the festival, and father of an autistic son.  The media lit up with articles and newscasts. Major publications internationally and all over the U.S. covered the movie, most questioning its intentions, even though NONE had or have seen the movie.  They have only seen the 3 minute trailer, which states “in 1978, one in 15,000 kids had autism, and that – if changes are not made – by 2032, 50% of our children and 80% of the boys, will be on the autism spectrum.  This is a preventable catastrophe, if the truth is exposed to enough people.”  An article in Entertainment Weekly included the following: “The most vitriolic debate in medical history takes a dramatic turn when senior scientist turned whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson of the Centers for Disease Control, turns over secret documents, data, and internal emails confirming what millions of devastated parents and ‘discredited’ doctors have long-suspected – vaccines do cause autism.”

Following this, Del Bigtree (VaxXed Producer), who also produces the TV show “The Doctors” was interviewed by ABC World News.  The pressure started mounting and ABC pulled the interview without showing it.  Then Tribeca pulled the film from their festival without notifying the VaxXed Team.  An email from Andrew Wakefield (VaxXed Director) to journalist Celia Farber reveals that the pressure to remove VaxXed from a Tribeca Film Festival sponsor , the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, their 15-year partner which has given hundreds of millions of dollars to the CDC over the past 8 decades.  This in the USA – the land of the free – where movies are made and aired about nearly everything and anything, but when it comes to a movie about government corruption and vaccines it is censored in front of our eyes by the power of money.

The vaccine market garners $24 BILLION per year.  Children are given 70+ doses of vaccines before age 18 if they follow the current recommended CDC schedule.  There are 200+ vaccines currently in the pipeline.  Vaccine manufacturers have no liability for their products (i.e. you cannot sue them if you have an adverse reaction).  Vaccines are not held to the same standard of clinical testing as other pharmaceutical drugs because they are considered biological products and therefore they do not need to be tested under the double blind gold standard of other pharmaceutical drug clinical trials.  Regardless of your stance on vaccines, safe vaccines that have been fully tested by an independent, unbiased organization are something everyone should demand and expect.  And corruption within government agencies should not be tolerated by anyone.

Yesterday, it was announced that Cinema Libre Studio would distribute the movie!  VaxXed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will premiere at the Angelika Film Center, 18 W. Houston St., New York, NY this weekend, Friday (4/1)-Thursday (4/7), with a Q&A session with the VaxXed Team after the 8pm show on Friday and Saturday.

If you are in New York, please go see the movie.  If you are not in NY, please send this to those you know in NY and encourage them to go, and when the movie comes to your area go see it!  It is the movie of the year that THEY don’t want you to see.


As Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
A Voice for Choice thanks Andy Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommy and the rest of the VaxXed Team for making this movie and raising the noise level.
Hopefully, you will too. ~Christina


Additional info and links:

Trailer: http://vaxxedthemovie.com/

Uncut ABC interview with Del Bigtree https://youtu.be/tvcdh7KlgPI

The full story behind Vaaxed and the Tribeca Film Festival:  http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/blog/tribeca-be-damned-vaxxed-documentary-released-in-new-york-friday-april-1

CDC and Vaccine Corruption: more info – https://avoiceforchoice.org/cdcwhistleblower/

Vaccines are Biological Products: Vaccines are not held to the same standard of clinical testing as other pharmaceutical drugs because they are considered biological products under the Public Health Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. 42USC262. Sec. 262.  And therefore they never need to be tested under the double blind gold standard of other pharmaceutical drug clinical trials under the U.S. Public Health Service Act. Part F – Licensing- Biological Products and Clinical Laboratories. Subpart 1 – Regulation of Biological Products. Sec. 351,Pg. 282.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986:  Takes away all liability of adverse reactions from the vaccine manufacturers and administrators (42 USC CHAPTER 6A, SUBCHAPTER XIX: VACCINES) and forces parents of children of vaccine injured children to file a case with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in order to get compensation for their child’s injuries.  The statutory time limit for filing such a claim is only two years after death and three years from the time of the vaccine injury.