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A Voice for Choice Advocacy advocates for people’s rights to be fully informed about the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of all products that go into people’s bodies, such as food, water, air, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
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Sarah Choujounian has been working on creating the mental health initiative “Lighting Up Dark Corners”, created to empower people to explore the root cause of their mental health challenges and discover natural ways to heal and rise above their mental health issues by going to the root cause of the problem instead of numbing them with drugs and/or prescription medications.

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"...a New York Times investigation found that the bariatric program, led by surgeons with financial incentives to perform more operations, has become a high-speed assembly line that has endangered some patients and compromised urgent care for others. And because most of the hospital’s patients are on Medicaid or uninsured, taxpayers foot the bill."

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During 2020, healthcare professionals experienced a significant increase in the incidence and severity of irritant contact dermatitis, a skin disease caused by the constant use of harsh soaps and sanitizers.
The condition leads to redness, swelling, and damaged skin. Even worse, it not only exacerbates the transmission of bacteria and viruses but also affects compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper handwashing.

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