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A Voice for Choice Advocacy advocates for people’s rights to be fully informed about the composition, quality, and short- and long-term health effects of all products that go into people’s bodies, such as food, water, air, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
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"Years after being sued and as a new state law will soon go into effect, the first hospital in the country to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate as a condition of employment has reversed course."

#COVID19vaccines #HealthFreedom #MyBodyMyChoice #ForTheWin

They sent the woman home and instructed her to go to the hospital if anything out of the ordinary happened. Later that evening, she had a difficult time standing, walking and talking, the lawsuit said, and her husband decided to take her to the hospital.

According to the complaint, she passed out while getting into the car and her husband called an ambulance. She spent three days in the hospital and continues to have poor health despite previously being healthy. The lawsuit said she now experiences chest heaviness, stomach pain, painful bloating, headaches, kidney stones and liver issues.

#COVID19vaccines #CVS